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Have you ever wondered how it’s possible your sims spend several days a week throughout the majority of their life at work/school without ever meeting their co-workers/schoolmates if they don’t actively try to? That’s just so weird to me… even if you’re not sociable you’ll be learning their names at least…

So I made a small edit of the normal work tone. With this mod using the normal work tone sims will meet their co-workers/schoolmates and slowly build friendships with them. This will however not fill their social need, because that seemed overpowered, considering I didn’t nerf their work performance.

Works for all game careers and custom careers/schools using the default work tones.

Modified Files:

  • AFADAC48!00000000!0000000000012739.Career_Tone_Normal
  • AFADAC48!0000001B!0000000000031AA5.career_Tone_Normal_actor
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just a question how to update this?


Finally updated. Thank you for your patience. Due to personal reasons, I hadn't been able to spend time working on this. I'll take a look at my other mods and see if they need updates during the coming days.

Amazing, thank you very much! Hope everything is all good now! :)


Please  updatee! I really ant to try this out and would love to donate to see this work!


I believe that this Mod has stopped working with the infants update. Does anyone know if it's been adopted by someone else since the creator seems to be inactive on Tumblr.

I've been for  a similar mod for so long. It's so frustrating that some of my sims are now retired and through their whole career they never met their coworkers. I'll try this one out :)

Does this work? Because nothing happens when my Sim goes to school. 

I've just checked and the mod seems to be working fine in my game. It might be, that your sim doesn't have co-workers or they already know all of them. 


Is this compatible with the latest game version?


Honestly, I rarely check whether this is still compatible. But I'm currently running it in my game without problems and it is doubtful this mod will need updates in the future. This will only occur if EA decides to completely overhaul how careers in the game work.

Thank you for making this mod! I can't wait to try it out, it sounds very good lol