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The fact every bookshelf in the Sims comes loaded with books, drives me insane. So I checked if somebody had made a mod for that and found the No Free Books Mod by plasticbox. Unfortunately, the mod hasn’t been updated since 2015 and no longer works.

However, as plasticbox has a generous TOU I updated it myself, which took roughly 5 Minutes. It is a really tiny change in the EA tuning for bookcases and shelves. The library shelves are unaffected and will still contain books. 

This will obviously conflict with mods editing the EA bookshelf tuning. It will work with custom bookshelves as long as they use the default tuning, which should be the majority of cc bookshelves.


Phaeriia_NoFreeBooks.package 21 kB

Install instructions

Download and add to your mods folder.

Development log


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Thank you!!

You're welcome.