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This is, in fact, a very tiny education overhaul. I split it into multiple parts so you can freely pick between all the changes.

Free Tuition

Free education for all. All university classes and electives are free. You'll still have to pay for housing, though.


Homework now slowly builds your child's / teen's skills. Children will progress in creativity, mental, motor, and social skills, while teens progress in painting, logic, fitness, charisma, and research & debate.

Variable School time

How much time your children spend in school now depends on their performance. F Students go to school Monday through Sunday, D and C Students Monday through Saturday, B Students still have the default hours and A Students only have to be in school Monday through Thursday.

After-School Fun

After-school Activities fill the fun meter. I created a new away action because otherwise the change would have applied to all careers, and that didn't make any sense at all. If you also want your sims to meet Students during after-school activities, you need the KYCAC version. If you don't want Sims to meet other students, use the standard version. 


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Rina3001_TinyEducationOverhaul_AfterSchoolFun.package 57 kB
Rina3001_TinyEducationOverhaul_AfterSchoolFun-KYCAC.package 58 kB
Rina3001_TinyEducationOverhaul-Homework.package 8.6 kB
Rina3001_TinyEducationOverhaul-VariableSchooltime.package 37 kB
Rina3001_TinyEducationOverhaul-FreeTuition.package 262 kB

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